About Us


Why the name "Sangam"?

Politically, South Asia comprises eight countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

Culturally, the South Asian subcontinent houses an unbelievably large spectrum of cultures, languages and customs. Still, they share a common history over at least 7000 years, and a common identity which is hard to explain in words! The word Sangam in our context signifies the coming together of the students, not only from the eight South Asian countries but also others interested in or knowledgeable about the subcontinent, to share the diverse and ancient culture of South Asia with the rest of the University community.

What do we do?

Sangam was founded in March of 1987. The first meeting, held at a local Pizza Hut, had an attendance of a mere 12 students. Since then, Sangam has grown to become the largest international organization on the UNC-CH campus. Sangam's diversity is shown in its membership of over 200, which consists of undergrads, grads, and faculty, both South Asian and non-South Asian. As the second largest multicultural organization, Sangam hosts numerous events throughout the school year to not only support South Asian awareness on campus, but to spur community involvement as well. Sangam is most well known for Aaj Ka Dhamaka, the largest intercollegiate dance competition in the southeast, and Holi Moley, a spring festival of India that has established itself on the UNC bucket list. Sangam also founded the first student supported scholarship on campus; the Mahathma Gandhi Fellowship awards two students $3,000 each every year in order to support the South Asian community either here in the local community, or in South Asia itself.

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